Bow Bridge Central Park at New York, United States

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Bow Bridge Central Park Review

Bow Bridge Central Park Bow Bridge is a cool place located in the center of Central Park. Here is one of the best places to travel when you visit New York. On one hand it's only a bridge but on another hand it's iconic place. Romantic scenery, beautiful view on Bethesda Terrace, breath-taking landscape of Manhattan - ideal place for travel blogger, travel photography person, and for making a proposal. If you are lucky enough, you can see many men making proposals. Must see, must visit. Worth your time!

I think it’s best viewed from a knoll above it to the south. The bridge is painted in a light colour and looks for all the world as if it is made of carved stone. In fact, it was constructed using cast iron, way back in 1862. It stands out from its surroundings in a way that other features in Central Park don’t. Which makes it all the more stunning to take a look at.

Central Park is beautiful overall. On each visit, I’m always discovering a hidden nook or turn- and the backdrop is always stunning. The park’s layout is spread over several elevations so from this bridge, you can really see this. It wasn’t difficult at all to take a picture. As many people visit this park, I’m surprised that the bridge wasn’t crowded.

This is one of those hidden gems that I would not have known about until I was taken there. It is located close to the Bethesda fountain but it feels worlds away as it is far less crowded. We were told it was a popular place for marriage proposals and I can see why. It was very scenic and well worth the short stroll from the fountain.

There really is something special about this bridge, it offers form and function that seem to blend in perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape. Walking over it, rowing a boat under it, or simply looking at it gives you a sense of tranquility. I would have spent hours here enjoying this work of art, but we had so many other sites to see during our visit. I think this is one of world most beautiful places and the cheapest places to travel.

A very well known NYC bridge featured in many pictures & movies, this beautiful piece of architecture has stunning views of the water and views of the Upper West Side. Located just up the way from the Bethesda fountain it is easy to find & frequently is full of many tourists & locals. As the bridge is wood, it can be slippery when wet from rain or snow.

Tip: The best place to get a picture of the full bridge is from a small wooded deck below the bridge!

Reviewed by Logan F.

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Plan A Trip To Bow Bridge Central Park

Bow Bridge Central Park Preview

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How to Get to Bow Bridge Central Park

You can get there by walking.

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Direction to Bow Bridge Central Park

Here you can get direction to Bow Bridge Central Park:

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Open Hours of Bow Bridge Central Park

Here is the open hours:

Monday      >> 24 Hours
Tuesday      >> 24 Hours (3rd Busiest Time)
Wednesday>> 24 Hours
Thursday    >> 24 Hours
Friday          >> 24 Hours
Saturday     >> 24 Hours (2nd Busiest Time)
Sunday        >> 24 Hours (1st Busiest Time)
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Before and After Visiting Bow Bridge Central Park

Before visiting Bow Bridge Central Park, you can visit American Museum of Natural History.

After visiting Bow Bridge Central Park, you can visit Strawberry Fields.

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Contact Center of Bow Bridge Central Park

New York, NY 10024, USA, New York City, United States


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