Washington Square Park at New York, United States

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Washington Square Park Review

Washington Square Park We took a walking tour of Greenwich village which starts in this pretty square. Washington Square Park was a public park with a fountain in the middle and an impressive arch modelled on the Arc de Triomphe, celebrating the life of George Washington. Surrounding the square are old and new buildings. We particularly liked the ones to the north west of the square with what looks like temples on the roofs. We eventually worked out that these are simply cleverly disguised water tanks. You can laze on benches or lie on the grass (I think, there were no signs telling us not to anyway), and watch the world go by. For me, this spot is one of the best places to travel. And also cheapest places to travel!

Although there are many parks in the city. This once seem to be a crowd pleaser. Whether you just want to sit and watch the pigeon's or eat your lunch. Also, if you play chess by all means go ahead. There are many players. You can always be amused by the musician on how this man get his piano there or just simply watch someone else making sand art or even a art student giving it a try. Sit back and watch kids on there skate boards. It has never change that wonderful arch that is of course named after our first President. Unfortunately, the fountain was not on cause it was Nov 2019 when I was fortunate to have my teen with me. This will be a trip to remember in our history, a trip to one of the world most beautiful places.

Washington Square Park iconic arch is the perfect frame in one direction for the sparkling central fountain and in the other for the beautiful Art Deco building at One Fifth Avenue. The sculpture is of Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian General who contributed to the unification of Italy and was greatly admired in the 19th century. With wide walkways and plenty of bench seating, the Park is a fabulous resource for students and profs at nearby NYU, residents and visitors.

As we were walking back from having dinner we stumbled across this fun park area. It was just starting to get dusk on a Friday evening and there were lots of people sitting around everywhere. Around the center water fountain there was all sorts of "street" performing entertainment taking place which was so much fun!

Washington Square Park's atmosphere is priceless. On a sunny Saturday morning you will be delighted with the most diverse and distinctive crowd you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Circle mini-shows, Jazz duos, dogs, samba dancers, soccer performers, piano players, speeches to a small audience, squirrels, photographers, more dogs, locals, travelers from all corners of the planet, unique characters, kids, skaters, book sellers, NYU students, even more dogs, free hugs - you name it. Just take a seat over there for an hour or so and enjoy the views. It’s a priceless experience. The weather was perfect, everyone we spoke too was friendly, and it was free fun relaxing entertainment! It's very good for travel blogger and travel photography person.

Reviewed by Lucas C.

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Washington Square Park History

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How to Get to Washington Square Park

Here is how you can get there:

  • By car (most of people prefer to travel by car).
  • By train.
  • Walking.
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Direction to Washington Square Park

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Open Hours of Washington Square Park

Here is the open hours:

Monday      >> 24 hours
Tuesday      >> 24 hours (2nd Busiest Time)
Wednesday>> 24 hours (1st Busiest Time)
Thursday    >> 24 hours
Friday          >> 24 hours (3rd Busiest Time)
Saturday     >> 24 hours
Sunday        >> 24 hours
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Before and After Visiting Washington Square Park

Before visiting Washington Square Park, you can visit Broadway Theatre.

After visiting Washington Square Park, you can visit Riverside Park.

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Contact Center of Washington Square Park

5 Ave, Waverly Pl., W. 4 St. and Macdougal Street, Manhattan, New York City, United States


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