Times Square at New York, United States

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Times Square Review

Times Square Times Square is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, one of the best places to travel. I am not a huge fan of New York City, but I may check it out sometimes, and I always take friends from out of town to Times Square. It may have changed due to the pandemic, but this is my perception of it prior to the pandemic. Most importantly, I saw the ball drop here to welcome in the new year in 2019. There were many stores and restaurants along with places to sit. One should expect a lot of noise and loads of traffic. I would say that it is also expensive if you plan to buy anything or if you expect to park a vehicle. But, this can be the cheapest places to travel if you're walking.

The tickets are for the wax museum as Times Square is free. Great place to walk at night and a few square blocks so plenty to see. The street performers are decent, but obviously not worth what they're asking. Bring some 5s and 1s to tip them as they always ask for 10s and 20s. The shops and street vendors give you plenty of options for food; try Junior's for cheesecake and a Reuben (the sauerkraut there is legendary). I got some great pictures of the New Years' ball and if you get close enough you can see the crystal grid (4000 individual crystals, thanks full city tour guide).

A cold Sunday evening around 6 pm, I made my way down to Times Square. Shops were open and street vendors were at every corner. The bleachers were nice although I did not go to sit down. I enjoyed the artistic displays of lights and visuals on the super large screen. There were dancers in the middle of the square entertaining all who wanted to see and various skateboarders riding about. So many places to eat and drink were available, along with the food vendors with their parked trucks selling cheap eats. There were artist available to sketch details portraits or caricatures lined up and down the streets. From knock-off designer goods to cheap souvenirs, it was all there. If one is tired, it is easy to get a carriage rider to give you a lift, but it is not cheap. Coming out of the store, I saw a heavy presence of NYPD, this was because a social issue parade was being led. New York is always awake, popping, full of culture and diversity. You have to see it for yourself. It you are travel blogger or travel photography person, who like a fast past place with lots of bright lights, places to shop, street eats, drink and like to see a unique set of human-beings, visit Times Square. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by Rea S.

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Times Square Preview

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How to Get to Times Square

Here is how you can get there:

  • By car (most of people prefer to travel by car).
  • By train.
  • Walking.
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Direction to Times Square

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Open Hours of Times Square

Here is the open hours:

Monday      >> 24 Hours
Tuesday      >> 24 Hours (3rd Busiest Time)
Wednesday>> 24 Hours
Thursday    >> 24 Hours
Friday          >> 24 Hours (2nd Busiest Time)
Saturday     >> 24 Hours (1st Busiest Time)
Sunday        >> 24 Hours
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Before and After Visiting Times Square

Before visiting Times Square, you can visit Empire State Building.

After visiting Times Square, you can visit Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

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Contact Center of Times Square

Broadway, New York City, NY 10036 (Manhattan), United States
(+1) 212-768-1560


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