Solomon R Guggenheim Museum at New York, United States

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Solomon R Guggenheim Museum Review

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum At the start of our five week return to NYC I decided to visit the Guggenheim first. It has changed in presentation since last visit fifteen years ago. I believe for the better. On entry there was no queue for us so able to get access immediately and started at the top floor to descend slowly looking at the display. The arrangement is that there was a temporary expo of paintings and sculptures selected by established artists, not of their work but that which has inspired them or that they like. Some examples well known, other for us not known at all. A great opportunity for us to see. I found it very stimulating and it should be a good example for other galleries to follow to expose where sources have commenced or been influenced. Well worth seeing but I think finished already. The permanent collection remains available too, in the extension. An enjoyable visit at the start of our trip to one of the world most beautiful places.

My immediate family and friends are art connoisseurs. Whether it be 2D, 3D, music, dance, theatre, architecture, film, design, etc; I appreciate, partake, and are inspired by it all. As I stepped into the middle of the rotunda at the Guggenheim, I was amazed at the design; a spiral ramp hugging the walls of the circular building enabled us to view all the art without traveling through a maze of rooms. The art from the rotunda was mostly hidden. To get to them I had to experience the building itself by traveling up the spiral. I was informed that the exterior walls of this 60 year old building was made of Gunite, and was only 5 inches thick. Incredible! Besides the featured collection, there were pieces by the Masters. This included but was not limited to Manet, Degas, Kandinsky, Picasso, and Gauguin. In all, there were sculptures, photographs, prints, paintings, and sketches. After I made it to the end of the spiral, I enjoyed the thrilling view looking up at the glass skylight and down toward the Level 1 Rotunda. Before leaving I took the stairs down. I walked in to an auditorium and witnessed a group rehearsing their dance pieces. Afterwards, I browsed the Guggenheim Store. The whole visit was inspirational.

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum is without doubt the most interesting building in New York City. The Chrysler Building is distinctive and the Empire State Building may be more popular, but no other building shows the imagination of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum, The Guggenheim is the triumph of Modernism, both in its construction and collection. The collection ranges from Impressionism to Contemporary art. The fascinating aspect of the building is that it is larger on top than it is at the base. it resembles a ribbon. Frank Lloyd Wright was the consummate exponent of architectural Modernism, and this was his crowning achievement. The Guggenheim Museum is in the Upper East Side of New York City, on Fifth Avenue. Solomon Guggenheim's ambition, of promoting the appreciation of Modern Art, has been exceeded; the Modern is now mainstream. I was very excited here as travel blogger and travel photography person. I think it is one of the best places to travel and the cheapest places to travel.

Reviewed by Junilyn V.

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Solomon R Guggenheim Museum Preview

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How to Get to Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Here is how you can get there:

  • Fifth Avenue bus stop (Cross Streets: 5th Avenue and 89th Street; Subways: 4/5/6 trains to 86th Street.
  • By car (most of people prefer to travel by car).
  • Walking.
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Direction to Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Here you can get direction to Solomon R Guggenheim Museum:

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Open Hours of Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Here is the open hours:

Monday      >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM
Tuesday      >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM (3nd Busiest Time)
Wednesday>> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM 
Thursday    >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM
Friday          >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM (2st Busiest Time)
Saturday     >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM (1nd Busiest Time)
Sunday        >> 10:00 AM - 05:45 PM
*On Saturdays from 05:45 pm - 07:45 pm admission to the Guggenheim is "pay what you wish" by donation

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Before and After Visiting Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Before visiting Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, you can visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

After visiting Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, you can visit American Museum of Natural History.

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Contact Center of Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128, New York City, United States


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